Full Package of Book and Kit Included

Everything you need to train your dog to stay in your house, your yard, your car no matter what is happening past the trained boundaries.

Included is the Don't Run In The Street Book
1 Target Stick
Tug toy
Bean Bags
10 foot paracord orange
25 foot paracord blue
6 marker flags
Hula Hoop
50 Popsicle Sticks
75 feet Ribbon for barriers

You might need a few more items in your training journey like boxes and radio controlled cars and other tempting distractions.

Please allow up to 2 weeks for the book and kit to arrive.

Course curriculum

  • 01

    Reading Materials

    • Don’t Run In The Street

    • The Function of Play

    • Structured vs Unstructured Play

    • What Is A Game

    • Tools of the Trade - Equipment Makes a Difference

  • 02

    Learning Self-Control and Impulse Control

    • Self Control and Choices

    • Decisions, Decisions

    • Eeek! It’s a Mouse

    • What`s In The Bowl

    • Stay and Release

    • Choose Your Side

    • Make A Choice

    • Don’t Move

  • 03

    Leash Handling Skills

    • Leash Handling Skills

    • Release to Pressure

    • Heads Up

    • Moving Positions

    • Ten Step

    • Moving Focus

    • What To Do On A Walk

    • Dancing With Dogs

  • 04

    Threshold Skills

    • Thinking Through Arousal

    • Ask Permission

    • Place

    • Reorienting

    • Door Bell Dash

    • Go! on Cue

    • Follow That Masked Man

    • I Missed It

    • Elvis Has Left The Building

    • Something Wicked This Way Comes

    • Perimeter

    • Away

    • A Line In The Sand

  • 05

    Environmental Control

    • The Importance of Transitions

    • Handling Distractions

    • What’s That

    • Look At That

    • Start, Change, Stop

    • Go Over There

  • 06

    The Important of a Recall

    • The Name Game (Getting Your Dog's Attention)

    • Whiplash Turn

    • Creating Attention

    • I Only Have Eyes For You

    • Did You Call?

    • I Heard You The First Time

    • Drop On Recall