Training Kit Included

Everything you need to train your dog to be your Psychiatric Service Dog.

Included is the Training Your Psychiatric Service Dog book,
cushioned pad for training DPT,
Recordable Sound Button,
a target stick,
1 Toggle Light Switch,
1 Push Light Switch,
3 scent tins,
100 cotton pads
and 3 spot markers.

You might need a few more items in your training journey like boxes and small tables, zip lock bags, marker pens and labels, but they are cheap and easily found.

Please allow 2 weeks for your kit and book to be delivered.

Course curriculum

  • 01

    Introduction to Psychiatric Service Dogs

    • What Is A Psychiatric Service Dog

    • What conditions could be helped by a Psychiatric Service Dog?

    • What are Psychiatric Service Dogs trained to do?

    • A General Look at Training a Service Dog

    • Canine Game Theory (TM)

    • Enrichment

    • Body Language Skills

    • Observing The Obvious

    • Beyond Patience

    • Seeking Perfection

    • Change Is Expected

    • Choice